Live and Lead on Purpose in
Rest, Flow & Joy


"I am listening to the recording. Both sessions have much treasures of wisdom, clarity, and truth - powerful to take away.

I am going to relisten to both and take notes. Meeting you is divine, for the journey and destiny God has for me"




Just one conversation with young lady made a difference in my life! She is smart & humble, full of humanity, of wisdom and impactful.

My life is different today thanks to that conversation! Forever grateful!

-Betty F


Are you ready to take hold of the Kingdom Promises
on your life! 

Co-Creating My Intuitive Life Purpose Coahing Program  

  • Become the woman of power and influence that God has called you to be

  • Lead your business and life through the Divine Power in rest, flow, and joy

  • Sustainably build your business without burnout 

  • Break away from a stagnant life and enjoy clarity in purpose and a peaceful alignment

  • Shift to confidently discern the voice of God and walking obediantly on purpose

Follow Your First Mind Podcast 

In the Follow Your First Mind show, we will get into the nitty-gritty of the deeper meaning of self, your identity, and influence through sharing our collective stories.
Here we’re calling you higher. Higher understanding, purpose, and faith through tuning into that quiet nudge, you know your intuition. You may call it that gut feeling or instincts maybe it’s your first mind. It is conservations on how to listen to your intuition, find yourself and live authentically. We're looking at what life is like when you follow your first mind and all the trials and triumphs along the way. 


Self-Love Sessions

Spiritual and Mental Health Check-ins! 

Are you feeling the pressure of all the tasks that you have to get done?

Perhaps you're feeling burnt out, exhausted, and finding no time to work on your purpose project or business?

If so, let me help you gain clarity, and be confident in the next steps to help you feel at ease, and focused on your purpose project or business. Book an individual 20-minute 1-on-1 Self-Love Session, spiritual and mental health check-in, and become familiar with what it is like to work with me.

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