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The Rest Renaissance

Join us to see over a million Gen Z'ers & Millenials set free from the bondage of grind culture, and "you're not good enough" unless you have _____

(insert any untrue words spoken over you or by you about yourself!) 

*more experience *that degree *more money *the body you want *your Mom finally approves *people understand you

*all the things perfect  *more confidence *more skills *your Dad acknowledges you *your friends' agree *have it all figured out 

*and the list going on...

Experiences and Consulting

Rafiat Ahmed is bringing her passion to see the next generation flourish to new heights with holistic leadership, personal and spiritual development experiences, and consulting. Together with youth leaders and consultants, Rafiat and her team are putting a new twist on personal and leadership development!

Our experiences are fun-filled and innovative ways for youth to connect and grow in their personal experience and leadership. 

Our consulting helps your organization develop new youth programming, engagement strategies, fundraising strategies, and special events.

Support Us

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Growing Purposeful Leaders! 

Currently, we are in search of sponsors, vendors, and volunteers for in-person events in Toronto, ON, CA.

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