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Are You Ready to Experience A New Way To Reconnect with Yourself, The Creator &
Like-minded Individuals?

Well then, Welcome! 

A space for our future leaders to thrive!

Our retreats and workshops are centered on spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health concepts that help you build intimacy and connection with God and yourself. 

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Current experiences are below. 

Please note that Rafiat Ahmed Coaching is now also serving Girls and Teens with a focus on increasing healthy self-esteem, confidence, and resilience. 

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Hike & Meditate

Intentional Prayer & Movement Half-Day Retreats

Hike & Meditate is intentionally designed to be an interactive and immersive masterclass with deep dives into spiritual, mindset, emotional, and physical health concepts.  We will work alongside each other as we co-create and experience the life we desire in peace and joy with a healthy love of self and esteem.


Saturday, Aug 27, 2022 REGISTRATION CLOSED   *Returning May 2023*

 11 AM-2 PM


Deep in Thought Topic:

God, Where Are You? - Looking For A Sign When You Are In The Wilderness. 


Limited Spaces to allow for a more soft and intimate experience. Only 10 spaces are available.

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Workshop Facilitation/Collaboration

Do you already have a retreat or event that you are organizing, but are looking for quality facilitators?  Looking for collaborations?
Or seeking guest facilitators for your community?

Please note that Rafiat Ahmed Coaching is now also serving Girls and Teens with a focus on increasing healthy self-esteem, confidence, and resilience. 

Workshops Offered:

  • Divine Confidence, a leadership workshop for Girls and Teens  

  • Cultivating Presence and Self Love, a leadership workshop 

  • Elevate Your Power, Intentional Prayer and Movement Meditation workshop for Girls, and Teens 

  • Own Your Spiritual Home, Bible Study workshop

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