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Fearless Fridays 

Join me every Friday at 12 pm EDT for conversations on how to overcome fear, break out of the box that others try to put you in, and live your best life! 

This Friday: 

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Max is a short young white adult male with brown wavey hair, hazel eyes, and a trimmed brown beard. He is wearing a blue collared shirt with royal blue dress pants with tanned dress shoes. He lives with a learning disability and battles depression. He graduated from Brock University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Honours in Sport Management and used to train to be a pro wrestler in 2015. Currently, he is a dog dad to a year and a half old Beagle named Churchill and founded Liebs&Co. because of his experiences living with a learning disability and not being properly accommodated in the workplace.

Join us as we discuss how to overcome mental health challenges, fear, and judgment in the workplace and in life.  As well as find your identity to create your own path when everything and everyone else in life tells you no!  

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