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Going A Little Deeper...

Let's get to know each other a little more because I'm dope and I'm sure you are too! So we should connect! 

In case you haven't noticed, I write personally and from the heart. I want you to know the real me, not the highlight reel version.


This is the only way, we can truly know if we are in deep alignment and if our destinies are meant to cross. You can be just stopping by and it's cool, but maybe you are the person whom I'm purposed to help transform their life or maybe you're purposed to transform mine. You see, I see any relationship as a mutual experience meant to bring each person higher.  We all fall into the Universal Law of Growth which states that every living being is either growing or dying. So if we are rolling, we've got to be growin'!  I've worked too hard for growth and peace so I don't play with that! 

Anyway, browse below at a few of my appearances on various podcasts, as well as a few of my OG  Facebook lives series Fearless Fridays (the beginning of all this😎). 

Feel free to book a virtual tea/coffee with me to connect further or if you have any questions. 

Life As Chirstian Podcast with Sherletter Rutherford

Episode Description: On this episode I will be speaking with Rafiat Ahmed. She shares her story of letting go and learning to trust God. She reveals how Jeremiah 29:11-13 has encouraged her. 

Life AS Christian_edited.jpg

Decisions, Decisions

Welcome to Fearless Fridays! Where we talk about how to overcome fear, break out of the box that people try to put you in and live your best life! Today, we're getting into it! Talking making decisions and how that affects your life! I've made some poor decisions in my life and some great ones but honestly I don't think I really appreciated the power of the skill of decision making until now!

How She Stopped Being a 'Good' Girl with Claudette Esterine-Campbell

In her own words, Rafiat Ahmed says she has "taken my life from depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and a complete loss of identity to discovering my true identity, purpose and living it out. I was tired of being just the ‘good girl who did the ‘right things, yet always searching for my purpose, feeling unfilled." Claudette spoke with her on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, to find out more about Rafiat.


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Who Do You Trust with Jamelia Gay

Welcome to Fearless Friday! Let me introduce my guest, Jamelia Gay. I've known Jamelia for years in facts it's probably been over 9 years since we first met, and to see what she's created while trusting God has inspired me to dig in deep! During our conversation at a party a few weeks ago, Jamelia said 'Faith or fear, you can't have both', it was like everything clicked.. simple... Of course! 💡 #Duh lol And of course I've been saying it ever since! lol! We discussed and joked about how God can play such a pivotal role in your life if you LET Him! I'm so excited to have this conversation with Jamelia Gay, Founder and Managing Director at @JameliaGayCoaching, ADHA and Executive Functioning Coaching for women.

The Ripple Effect of Hope with Kelly Ethridge

Y'all I'm soooo EXCITED to introduce KELLY!! So, if you've been following me on the Fearless Fridays journey, I spoke about my life prior to my SHIFT at the beginning of the year and Kelly was my saving grace in the mist of chaos! I realized that if she did not say YES to your own journey of HOPE, she would not have been available so that I can say YES to my journey of HOPE! Kelly, I am truly grateful for the light you shun into my life in the mist of snot, tears and fears in my little Micra in the parking lot of Don Montgomery CC. Life gets REAL but you need to hold on to the hands that stretched out to help you! Kelly Ethridge is a Wife, Mom to 6 amazing humans, and Nana to 8 of the best grands on the planet! Kelly has definitely attended the 'school of hard knocks', where she gleaned much of the wisdom and understanding that she walks in today. She is no stranger to adversity, and celebrates the strength of character, resilience of spirit and 'attitude of gratitude' that carries her through each and every day! A hard-core entrepreneur, Kelly has always believed that giving all of who she is and what she does to her own thing is the only way to go. As a top Canadian leader in direct sales for over 25 years, she knows what it takes to step outside your comfort zone, and do 'scary stuff' so you can become who God has intended for you to be. Kelly is no stranger to facing & overcoming fear, so join us as we take a dive into her journey and hear how she has navigated the highway of faith vs fear.

Saying Yes with Rashida Ahmed

 I am SO AMPED to introduce to Rashida Ahmed!! (Honestly, I'm pretty blessed to be able to interview such incredible women!! so I'm excited!) So, I've known this amazing woman my whole life lol she's my sister! To me, she's always been the person that not only I can go to but so does everyone else for advice, knowledge, a shoulder to cry, or a snatch up! I remember when I was probably 11, so she was 16 when she told me she wanted to become a Gynecologist and my little mind was like ' uhh ok... cause I didn't understand the career but I knew she was super smart. What was apparent to me was her passion to help women understand their bodies and sexuality! Since then, she has counseled countless friends, and family, and myself! I'm so proud to say now, Rashida Ahmed is a regionally recognized Sexual Wellness Educator and Intimacy Coach, and the owner Rashida Ahmed Coaching who has been helping to empower women all over the world shed their sexual shame and embrace and increase their sexual pleasure and well being. The women she works with are on the path of healing from sexual or relationship trauma as well as those who are interested in learning more about their bodies and increasing pleasure for themselves and/or their partner. She has studied Psychology and Sexual Studies, has over 20 years of theoretical experience, and brings her wealth of knowledge and practical teaching style to her group classes and individual coaching sessions. Each day she strives to continue to shine the light on black sexuality and to create positive and safe spaces for all women to connect and grow collectively to further impact our experiences and affect change for the generations to come. This Friday we will be driving into her FINALLY saying YES to her passion!!

Combatting Indecison

Welcome to Fearless Fridays! Where we talk about how to overcome fear, break out of the box that people try to put you in and live your best life! Today, we're getting into how to make that powerful decision that maybe you've been avoiding.. sounds familiar.. don't worry, I do it too! it's normal! But what's important is how prepare yourself to make a decision!

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